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Parent Resources


To download a copy of our Floortime & Early Birds brochures in English and Spanish click below:

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Books on the Desk
Researching and Writing
Wood Transparent

Floortime Handouts

Click on the button below to download our Parent Handouts for FREE! These handouts provide information about Floortime and include fillable worksheets to do with your child's therapist. 

En Español 

DIR/Floortime Websites:

Playing with Toy Vehicles

Profectum Foundation

Profectum Foundation provides families and professionals with critical resources needed to maximize the development of diverse individuals



A not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting each person's development to its fullest potential.

Mother and Child

Engaging Parents Blog

A blog specifically to help parents learn DIR/Floortime techniques and how to implement them during daily life. 

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