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Early Birds
Developmental Services  Birth to Three

What is Early Birds?


EARLY BIRDS is a new Early Intervention program supporting parents and caregivers with developmental services for infants and toddlers with delays in motor, cognitive, language, social-emotional and/or adaptive development.  Our program takes a neurodiverse-affirming approach, supporting young children and families to grow in their own unique and healthy way.  CDPL is launching EARLY BIRDS in July of 2022 and are serving families in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties!

About Us:

Our team of child development specialists, speech-language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists have extensive training in developmentally appropriate, play-based interventions which follow the interest of the child and expand interactions toward greater complexity. We work with families to understand their child’s sensory and individual differences, challenges, and strengths and tailor our interventions to support each family’s goals and priorities.  We focus on coaching caregivers in ways to support their child’s developmental growth through playful interactions and during daily routines.  


Services Offered:



Specialized Instruction

Speech and Language Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Parent/Caregiver Coaching

Toddler Groups

Parent Support Groups

All Early Birds services take place in a home or community setting such as a park, daycare, preschool, or other community setting.

How can I access this service?

The first step you may take is to discuss your concerns with your child’s pediatrician.  You can also call Tri-Counties Regional Center, to request an evaluation for your child.  Once Early Birds receives the referral, we will reach out to you to set up an evaluation.  If your child is found eligible, we will meet with you and your service coordinator to develop collaborative strategies based upon your areas of concern that address your child’s developmental growth. 


Contact Early Birds:

Greta Wright, Program Manager at (805) 403-8360


Download our Brochure in English or Spanish

How much does this cost?

Services are free for eligible children aged 0-3 in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.


To Schedule a Free Evaluation:

Tri-Counties Regional Center:

In Santa Barbara County:  (805) 962-7881

In Ventura County:    Oxnard (805) 485-3177   Simi Valley (805) 522-8031


Office Locations

CDPL Santa Barbara Office:   4675 Via Los Santos  Santa Barbara, CA 93111

CDPL Ventura Office:  950 County Square Ste 219  Ventura, CA 93003

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