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Our Staff

Jeanne White

Jeanne White, LMFT

For over 25 years, Jeanne has worked with families and their children to help them achieve their highest developmental and emotional outcomes. Jeanne is a licensed MFT who has also worked in private practice and worked with child development specialist teams providing services to young children with autism. In addition, Jeanne was Program Director for a children's mental health program called A Childs Path which provided therapeutic support and case management for extremely high-risk children and their families.  Since 2007, Jeanne has been Co-Director of CDPL, and is DIR®Assistant Faculty through Profectum organization.  

Most recently, in February of 2021, Jeanne became the sole Director of the Center for Developmental Play and Learning.  Jeanne and the entire staff at CDPL are inspired by Patricia's legacy and lifelong work to carry on the important developmental work of CDPL in her honor.


Kendra Wessling

Kendra Wessling, M.S. 

Assistant Director


Kendra Wessling has worked with children and families affected by autism and related developmental delays for the past 10 years. Because she values partnering with parents and families, she pursued her master's
in clinical pyschology ('09). This has allowed her to work with many different children, such as at-risk youth, foster children, and other emotionally/socially impacted children. She has undergone training in a variety of methodologies for children and has found DIR/Floortime to be an integrative, family-centered, individualized approach that can be
applied to a wide array of neurodiverse populations! She is pleased to have been part of the CDPL team since 2011, soon after she moved to Santa Barbara.  Currently Kendra is the Assistant Director of CDPL, assisting in all aspects of the administration of CDPL's program,  training of staff, presentations and outreach.  Kendra is a DIR Clinical Supervisor.

Greta Wright

Greta Wright
Program Manager, EARLY BIRDS

Greta rejoined the CDPL team in June 2022 to manage their new early intervention program.  Greta has worked with young children and their families in Santa Barbara County for over 25 years as a child development specialist.  She has extensive experience working with infants and toddlers with developmental differences and believes in working collaboratively with parents to discover their child’s strengths and challenges to create individualized and family-centered goals and strategies to support their growth.  Greta received her DIR certification through the International Council on Developmental Learning in 2010 and uses many DIR principles in working with toddlers and their families.  She focuses on helping families strengthen their child’s foundational developmental milestones of regulation and shared attention, engagement, and reciprocity through child-led, play-based interactions and during everyday family routines.  Greta received her B.A. degree in psychology and sociology from UCSB and is currently pursuing her M.A. degree in counseling through Palo Alto University with the goal of being a licensed therapist providing neurodiversity-affirming mental health support to children and families.


Becky Todd
Staff Mentor and Senior Child Development Specialist


Becky joined the CDPL team in 2009.  She was an Early Childhood Educator before working for the Learning Enrichment Autism Program (LEAP) for the Santa Barbara County Special Education Office.  This is where she had the opportunity to be trained in the DIR/Floortime Model by Pat Marquart.  She continues to work in the Early Start Infant and Preschool Plus programs for SBCEO, where she is able to use the DIR Model in her work with children ages 0-6.  She is a co-facilitator for our CDPL Summer Playgroup Program.  Currently Becky is providing services to CDPL families and is mentoring newer practitioners in the methods of DIR/Floortime. 

Becky Todd
Shaina Beatrice

Shaina Beatrice, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist


Shaina is a licensed SLP from the East Coast who joined the CDPL team in 2022! She received her Master’s Degree in Speech Language Pathology from Yeshiva University in NYC and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in 2019 with a minor in Psychology. She has served populations across all age ranges in medical, home health, and school-based settings, however, has a strong passion for early childhood development, which led her practice to Early Intervention over the last several years.  Shaina understands the importance of Early Identification and is rooted in the belief that each child charts a unique course between birth and adolescence. She strives to foster family-centered, natural-learning environments that aid in building strong relationships through trust, advocacy, and education for all.  Her knowledge in typical child development, communication disorders, feeding, and use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices allows her to address identified needs and priorities of young children and their families, in a developmental and progressive manner. Shaina believes every child’s voice matters and has set out to provide high-quality care to make an impact in all the lives she encounters.  

Grace Brandmaier

Grace Brandmaier

DIR-Floortime Certified Clinician 


Originally from Vienna, Austria, Grace’s family moved to Portland, Maine when she was seven years old. She experienced a range of cultures and educational models growing up. Grace received her bachelor's degree from Bard college in 2015 in the Division of Social Studies. She also served as a New York State Certified EMT-B, resident assistant, mehndi art club founder, and meditation group leader throughout her undergraduate education. Grace moved to New York City after graduating and began working at the Rebecca School in Manhattan, a school designed and co-founded by Stanley Greenspan, developer of DIR/Floortime, for children with ASD and developmental delays. She spent four years working primarily in the lower school, with preschool-to-elementary-school-aged children with a range of neurological and physical differences. Grace was trained and certified through the Interdisciplinary Council of Development & Learning (ICDL) as a Floortime Practitioner in May 2018 while working at Rebecca School. She has continued serving families as a Floortime provider outside of a school setting and, upon moving to Santa Barbara in 2020, found CDPL! Grace has been working with CDPL since June of 2021 and is overjoyed to continue learning and growing with her new Floortime team and their families.


Annie Ewald, AMFT

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, DIR-Floortime Trained Clinician


Annie Ewald joined CDPL in 2022 as a registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist working towards licensure. She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and Media. She has served several populations including children, adolescents, adults and families within a range of school-based and mental health settings. Annie has witnessed the power and impact of DIR/Floortime and is passionate about using this relationship based model as tool to support child development through emotionally meaningful learning exchanges. Annie also provides individual psychotherapy to CDPL clients under the supervision of CDPL’s clinical director, Jeanne White, LMFT.

Annie Ewald

Rosie Gates-Bowes, ASW
Associate Clinical Social Worker, 
DIR-Floortime Trained Clinician

Rosie Gates-Bowes joined the CDPL team in 2018 and is a registered Associate Clinical Social Worker working towards licensure. She holds a Master's Degree and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work and has a background of working with children, individuals and families in a variety of mental health and community settings. Rosie is passionate about the power of the DIR/Floortime model in supporting children and families in promoting the development of social, emotional and intellectual capacities.  Rosie also provides supervision for clinicians newer to DIR/Floortime and is a CDPL Therapy Associate, providing psychotherapy to CDPL clients under supervision from CDPL's clinical director.  

Rosie Gates-Bowes

Michelle Greiner, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist


Michelle Greiner is a licensed Occupational Therapist with 14 years of experience in Early Intervention. She strongly believes that autism is not a disease to be fixed but a different way of thinking and learning that should be respected and nurtured. In addition to Early Intervention, Michelle has worked in elementary schools, adult rehabilitation, and nursing homes. She has a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from USC and a Master’s in Public Health from UCLA as well as a teaching credential.

Michelle Greiner
CDPL Bio Photo.jpg

Megan Holmes
DIR-Floortime Trained Child Developmental Specialist 

Megan is a Santa Barbara local, who began working at CDPL towards the end of 2021. She has worked with children for 15 years as a babysitter, youth care instructor, after-school program leader, and homework tutoring club volunteer, to name a few. From an early age, Megan realized her true passion lies in working with children and families. In 2019, she started working in early intervention as a child development specialist and fell in love this type of work. She is extremely passionate about creating a positive, safe, playful, and nurturing environment when working with children using the Floortime approach. Megan has an associate degree in Sociology, a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a postbaccalaureate degree in Speech Language Pathology, and is excited to use her education and vast experience while working with the neurodiverse population.

Megan Holmes
Sarah Kaplan

Sarah Kaplan
DIR-Floortime Trained Child Developmental Specialist 

Sarah joined the CDPL team in August of 2021, and has been a grateful Ventura County local for the last 10 years. Her experience includes working with children as an arts educator, camp counselor, music/drama teacher, preschool teacher, and professional nanny. Her previous experience also includes working for a non-profit, where she was able to teach art to children in the foster care system within Ventura County. Sarah is passionate about cultivating a loving, accepting, and creative space to help neurodiverse children be able to thrive and express themselves fully. Her extensive background in the creative arts, with a particular focus on process-art, is naturally weaved into her Flootime approach. She is currently earning her B.A. in developmental psychology, with her goal aimed at becoming a licensed marriage and family therapist. She is thrilled to be working with her colleagues on the CDPL team, helping support children and their families towards deeper connection, understanding, and joy with one another.


Gloria Michel, ASW

Associate Clinical Social Worker, DIR-Floortime Trained Clinician


Gloria joined the CDPL team in the summer of 2022 and is an Associate Clinical Social Worker, working towards licensure. She was introduced to the DIR/Floortime model at CDPL and has enjoyed integrating the modality with her clients as it celebrates the client's individual differences and strengths and it is a comprehensive and robust influence on the overall development of the child. Gloria predominately serves Spanish-speaking families and is motivated to work with underserved populations in the community. Gloria received her BSW and Master in Social Work from CSU, Los Angeles. She relocated to Santa Barbara from Los Angeles in 2021 and has been of service to the community since. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, hiking, and traveling. 

Gloria Michel
Nitaña Rey

Nitaña Rey,  AMFT
Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, DIR-Floortime Trained Clinician

Nitaña joined CDPL in 2020.  She is grateful to have worked with and learned from Pat Marquart before she passed away. Nitaña has just earned her master’s degree in counseling psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She earned her bachelor’s degree in World Arts and Cultures from UCLA. Nitaña has worked as a transitional kindergarten teacher’s aide, a dance instructor, a camp counselor, and a mentor at afterschool programs. She has completed parent trainings at the Autism Treatment Center of America, professional development trainings at the Northern California Regional Play Therapy Conferences, in addition to other parent and child classes and courses in neurodiversity. Nitaña loves connecting with children and celebrating their unique gifts and personalities. She feels very fortunate to work with the dedicated team of professionals at CDPL.   Nitaña is joining our team of CDPL Therapy Associates as of July 2022 and will be offering psychotherapy services as well through CDPL, under the supervision of the CDPL Director.

NOEMI R_edited_edited.png

Noemi Reyes 
DIR-Floortime Certified Bi-lingual Developmental Clinician

Noemi joined the CDPL Team in the beginning of 2018.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Guadalajara (UDG).  Noemi mostly works with the Latino community in Santa Barbara.  She is grateful to provide DIR/Floortime therapy for children with special needs in our community.  Noemi became a DIR certified clinician through Profectum in 2019.  Understanding a child’s sensory profile, following their lead, and the importance of emotions and affect during all interactions with a child has totally changed Noemi's perspective on children.  It has also enhanced her ability to tailor individual intervention plans for her clients and their families.  Noemi loves being part of the CDPL team and providing a developmental therapy based on playful interactions.   Noemi currently supervises some staff, newer to DIR/Floortime as well.

Noemi Reyes

Liz Segura, SLPA
Bi-Lingual Speech and Language Pathology Assistant

Liz joined the CDPL team as a Developmental Specialist in 2017. She completed her undergraduate education in Communication disorders and Sciences at Cal State Northridge and is currently a licensed Speech-Language Pathology Assistant. Liz has a passion for working with children and their families and building relationships together. Liz has worked helping children since 2012 and has worked as a Respite Provider, Early interventionist as well as ABA. She feels fortunate to have found the CDPL and their amazing staff and been trained by both Jeanne and Pat in the wonderful DIR/Floortime model.  

Liz Segura
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