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Playing with Bubbles

Parent Testimonials:

"With DIR® we love that we receive ongoing parent training and support that is focused on our (child's) developmental progress and that we are able to work with her in the natural setting of wherever we are and whatever we are doing."

"Through the DIR® program we as parents have gained the ability to apply Floortime as a better way of parenting our children, not just as an intervention to treat (our son)."

"This is as much of a personal journey for the parent as it is for the child. And if I, as a parent, am able to realize that there is so much more involved in being a kid than eating, sleeping, and playing with toys, I might also realize that I have just as much to learn from this as my kids do. This is a very humbling thing. In fact, I am starting to see my son more as a respected co-learner rather than simply a naive student."

"Fortunately, we found out about DIR®/Floortime, an approach that has truly helped our child ...and yes, he is also learning how to behave appropriately, but our child’s developmental treatment program has done so much more than that.. It’s given us our child back."

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