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Child Social Emotional Wellness

Of course, physical health and wellness are important for every child's wellbeing. But, understanding that social and emotional wellness for children is equally important is key to raising a well-rounded adult.  These capacities can help define learning paths and social behaviors later in life. As a child, we learn the habits and routines that form later in life as adults, so having optimal mental and behavioral health for children is vitally important. If you have a neurodiverse child, it's important to understand the child's perspective from the body to the world of emotions and behaviors upstream.


At the Center for Developmental Play and Learning (CDPL) we are here to say we understand, and we can help.

We specialize in supporting neurodiverse children find their way.  We do not apply cookie-cutter techniques, but rather work to understand each child's unique gifts and support them through their challenges.  We use a developmental approach to help your child understand their own ways of moving through the world and grow into happy and well-rounded adults. We offer groups where understanding is promoted and shared social experiences are prioritized.   


Using our expertise and DIR/Floortime therapy approach we can help develop your child's ability to regulate their emotions, express their intentions and respect their very real worries, at times.  

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