Mental Health Services Children 

Specialized Mental Health Services Children Require

Children are very different from adults. They have not developed certain thoughts, processes, or fears yet. As such, their brains function in different ways. It makes sense then that if your child is suffering from a mental health disorder, working with your child as if he or she was an adult is not going to be effective. At the Center for Developmental Play and Learning (CDPL) we offer the mental health services children require. Our specialized care and mental health clinicians understand that children process information, sensory experiences, and thoughts in a different way. Our specialized mental health services children need are dedicated to providing ongoing care and help for your child specifically. We offer help for children of all ages, including newborn children up to teenagers 13 years of age.

Mental health services for children can be hard to find. This is especially true if your child also has a learning disability. Finding the right mental health services for children can make all the difference when trying to properly educate and teach your child the necessary skills needed for life. Working with the professionals at the Center for Developmental Play and Learning (CDPL) you will be able to get your child the education and mental health service he or she needs. Work with a dedicated professional in a safe, calm, and welcoming place. Our team is happy to perform needed therapy and training in your own home, or in a community space like our therapy Center. We understand that every child is different and it is important to find the right environment to allow your child to truly prosper.