Learning Disorders In Children

Understanding Learning Disorders in Children

As parents, learning disorders in children can be difficult to manage. We want the absolute best for our children and can often feel as if we are failing our children if they are not developing at the rate society deems acceptable. Often, working with learning disorders in children is not a matter of teaching at a different pace, but simply teaching in a different way. The team at the Center for Developmental Play and Learning (CDPL) believes that there are many different successful approaches that can be used to help with learning disorders in children. Often, finding a safe and inviting approach is all that it takes to make measurable improvements in your child's ability.

Our specialty is providing education for children in a safe, inviting, and developmental way. We believe in using DIR/Floortime therapy for your child. This brings a playful element to learning and education which can make learning more approachable for children. Plus, learning and playtime is fun for everyone involved, and can very quickly become a common practice in your own home. Repeating the skills learned through floortime therapy in your own home, about three times per week, is enough to have real, measurable improvement in your child's ability to learn. Education for children begins at home with the parents. If you are struggling with your child's learning disorder, let the professionals help. The team at the Center for Developmental Play and Learning (CDPL) is caring, knowledgeable, and professional, and is eager to help you and your child.