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Noemi Reyes 
DIR Certified Bi-lingual Developmental Clinician

Noemi joined the CDPL Team in the beginning of 2018.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Guadalajara (UDG).  Noemi mostly works with the Latino community in Santa Barbara.  She is grateful to provide DIR/Floortime therapy for children with special needs in our community.  Noemi became a DIR certified clinician through Profectum in 2019.  Understanding a child’s sensory profile, following their lead, and the importance of emotions and affect during all interactions with a child has totally changed Noemi's perspective on children.  It has also enhanced her ability to tailor individual intervention plans for her clients and their families.  Noemi loves being part of the CDPL team and providing a developmental therapy based on playful interactions.  

Noemi Reyes

Blanca Moreno-Covarrubias
Bi-lingual Child Development Specialist

Blanca has worked with children for over 30 years, first working as a preschool teacher in Mexico City. After getting her BA in Special Education, she started working with children with special needs.  In 2016, Blanca enthusiastically joined the CDPL team where she has since worked with children and their families as a Bilingual DIR Child Development Specialist.  Blanca was trained by Co-Directors, Jeanne White and Pat Marquart. Blanca has a proud history of working with children and their families and loves using the DIR/Floortime model to help build their development and relationships.  Blanca started working for Santa Barbara County Education Office in the Special Education department with infant, preschool and elementary school aged students in 2007 and also continues her work there today

Blanca Moreno-Covarrubias